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Conference Handouts

2019 Be The Change Lecture Series


Tonier Cain

Andres Gonzalez (Holistic Life Foundation)

2018 Stronger Together - Hope, Healing & the Human Spirit

CERTIFICATE OF ATTENDANCE                                                         

Exploring the Impacts of Community Trauma & Toxic Stress on Our Well-Being  Cathy Cave & Crystal Brandow Ph.D.

Trauma Informed Practices in Infant Mental Health  Megan Smith

What happened to you? Moving beyond blaming the body Noel Hunter

Bias Awareness - Jasmin Brandow

An Introduction to Internal Family Systems (IFS) approach: An evidence based therapy for healing and transformation —  Jennifer Wainman-Sauda

Peace Circle Leah Russell & Charles Rivers (Westside Peacemakers)

Trauma Informed Schools —  Cathy Cave

An Intro to Nurtured Heart Approach (NHA) — Nicole Semmens

Anxiety, Depression and the Nutrition Connection Amy Doyle

(Mindfulness) The Time-In ToolKit  — Suzanne Tucker

Community Healing and Meaning-Making in the Midst of the Opioid EpidemicKelly Esposito & Sandy Rivers

Art of Nature & PlayKass Nethercott

Tiny Home for Good — Andrew Lunnetta


2017 Childhood Matters - Bridging Hearts & Minds



Catherine Cook-Cottone Ph.D.    

Trauma Informed Mindfulness & Yoga

Robert Spicer   

Restorative Practices 

Cathy Cave    

More Than Words: Integrated Framework for Trauma Informed Approaches  


Noel Hunter Psy.D.    

Developmental Trauma & Chronic Stress 

Jon Erwin    

Motivation, Mindset, & Grit

Restorative Discipline

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