It's About Childhood & Family, Inc.

A Central New York Not-for-Profit Agency Providing
Mental Health Services for Children & Families


Mission & Vision


It’s About Childhood & Family, Inc. is a not-for-profit clinical and resource center dedicated to enhancing the quality of childhood and family life in our communities.


Our vision is to foster communities where one is able to experience the joys of childhood, discover purpose in their lives, and develop independence in handling life's struggles. 


The mission of IACAF is to provide easily accessible resources and programs with a collaborative and trauma informed/focused framework; to offer a structure which is not reliant upon a label or diagnosis, but instead focuses on strengths, resiliencies, and potential for growth; to advocate for all children by providing innovative, child-centered, and solution-focused supports.

Our efforts are organized around the following goals:

I. To improve the social-emotional functioning of youth (e.g., Recognizing emotions in oneself and others; Understanding the causes and consequences of emotions; Labeling the full range of emotions using a rich vocabulary; Expressing emotions appropriately in different contexts; Regulating emotions effectively to foster healthy relationships and achieve goals).


II. To improve physical and nutritional health which has been shown to improve overall mental health.


III. To heal childhood trauma through expressive arts, physical activity/play, and developing nurturing relationships.


IV. To explore potential passions (“Sparks”), discover purpose in their lives, and develop life-long healthy habits.


V. To develop leadership skills, empathy, compassion for others by giving back to the community.





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