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Kids 4 Kids

Our Kids 4 Kids program provides a unique opportunity for youth to initiate and participate in a variety of hands-on service learning projects that teach the value of community involvement; thereby fostering social responsibility through volunteering and giving, locally as well as nationally and internationally.

Whether it's helping one child or family to find a service opportunity or engaging the energy of schoolchildren and community groups to take on global problems through volunteering and giving, Kids 4 Kids program gives young people the skills they need to become leaders in their communities and a chance to make their world a better place.

We recognize the power inherent in young people to change the world around them for the better and promote hands-on youth volunteering and giving programs that instill the value of civic engagement in children from all socio-economic backgrounds, beginning at a very early age.

What is Community Service?

  • Giving your time and effort to make a positive difference, large or small
  • Finding a way to help a person, group, or organization that works on behalf of people or places in need
  • Offering a hand, which is regarded as one of the highest level and best instincts that we have

Why is contributing to your community important?

  • It can be an integral part of your overall development
  • It can help build your leadership skills and pave ideas for future career paths
  • It gives you perspective by helping you think about others and how others' lives differ from your own
  • It can change the way you feel and think about things!

Sometimes, it makes you feel incredibly fortunate at the end of the day, even though you might have started the day feeling bad about challenges of your own. One of the best things about community service is that you get while you give. Expect a feeling of satisfaction, or a moment's pride, as you reflect on what you did to help someone else.

Research shows that young people who volunteer just one hour a week are 50% less likely to abuse drugs, alcohol, or cigarettes, or engage in destructive behavior. Involvement in service also leads to improved academic performance, increased confidence, and promotes leadership skills.

How can I get involved?

  • Planning Committee involves a group of students from diverse backgrounds meeting monthly to brainstorm and identify specific community needs. They will then work on addressing these needs by developing and implementing service learning projects and events.
  • Mentoring Program engages adults in the community who will work alongside our young volunteers, teaching them about giving back and making a difference in their communities. It provides volunteer opportunities for large and small groups, including families. Activities will be designed to promote creativity and civic engagement.
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