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Advisory Board

The Advisory Board of IACAF serves an important function in fulfilling our overall mission.  Members of the Advisory Board provide our organization with their professional expertise; their diverse knowledge of essential perspectives; and their connections to local, national or international resources, colleagues or peers.  The Advisory Board has no governing function within the organization but provides an important role to its Executive Director and programs by sharing their unique experiences and perspectives.


Laura Delano 

Laura Delano is a psychiatric liberation activist, writer, and community organizer.  She entered the “mental health” system as a thirteen-year old and escaped it fourteen years later, after accidentally stumbling upon Robert Whitaker’s book, Anatomy of an Epidemic.  Today, Laura works with individuals looking to free themselves from psychiatric labels and drugs, and communities seeking to build alternatives to the “mental health” system.  She lives near Boston, Massachusetts, where she’s founded a mutual support group for people coming off psychiatric drugs.  She serves on the boards of the International Society for Ethical Psychology and Psychiatry, and Mad in America, Inc.  She maintains her own website,, and can be found on Facebook or Twitter @LauraDelano.

Robert Spicer M.S. Ed.

Robert Spicer is a national trainer and speaker on restorative justice practices. Prior to working at Community Justice for Youth Institute, Mr. Spicer worked at Christian Fenger H.S., first as the Chief Dean of Discipline, Restorative Justice and Code Switching, and then as the Culture and Climate Coordinator, where he effectively implemented restorative justice practices to sustain a safe and stable school climate. Mr. Spicer received President Obama’s National Volunteer Service Award in 2013, and his work was featured in the eight part docudrama “ChicagoLand.”

Wendy West-Pidkaminy LCSW-R

Wendy West-Pidkaminy is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified School Social Worker, Adjunct Professor at Syracuse University, Nurtured Heart Specialist, and the Author of two books: Parenting Challenging Children with Power, Love and Sound Mind and Jimmy and Julia's Rainforest Adventure.  Wendy owns and operates Nurturing Life Concepts, LLC, a counseling, consultation, professional and parent coaching organization dedicated to leading people of all ages, throughout the world, to realize their life's passion, purpose and vision.



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